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Developer Community Internship

General Description

Intrinio is looking for a current college student with an interest in marketing as well as software development. This paid intern will be responsible for managing the evolution of Intrinio’s developer program, a 6-month program that provides free financial data to startup developers.

Key tasks will include adding features to the program, marketing the program, and creating a branded experience for program participants. The ideal candidate could commit to at least one year and should be open to a full-time position in the St. Petersburg area after graduation.

Essential Developer Community Internship Responsibilities

  • Add features, such as new data sets, community chat, and venture capital connections to the developer program
  • Increase participation in the program through value-add improvements and branded marketing campaigns
  • Research, define, and implement a new participant experience that takes startup developers from conception to profitability

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Digital Marketing Skills
    • Ability to create content for a technical audience
    • Skill at identifying content gaps to fill
    • Knowledge of how to use digital tools and platforms to generate content
    • Ability to write content that drives traffic and converts users
    • Knowledge of how writing content impacts SEO
    • Ability to use Google Analytics and other platforms to understand the impact of traffic
    • Skill at hypothesis testing to improve the impact of content
    • Knowledge of the channels and journey’s users take to being customers
  • Developer Community Skills
    • Ability to develop a community for developers
    • Knowledge of developer needs
    • Skill at setting program goals and measuring progress


  • To Apply: Email a resume to
  • Compensation: $12/hr, course credit if possible
  • Location: Intrinio World Headquarters - St. Petersburg, FL
  • Weekly Commitment: 15-20 hours, Monday-Wednesday-Friday
  • Reports To: Director of Marketing